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First Meditation

Here follows the first essay I ever did write on gaming philosophy. Its a bit angry, though in mind it was written long before Bioware’s Dragon Age or Mass Effect 2 so probably goes a little harsh on the ‘ole developers. Since I wrote this article it seems games actually have moved slowly in the direction the younger, angrier me wanted them too. Still works as a rough manifesto, though.

The Nature of the GRG, and that it is better known than the RPG

First, a disclaimer! This essay looks at the term “Role-Playing Game” and seeks to explain that really the “Role-Playing” has been lost along the way. That is not to say that the modern RPG is any worse a “game” for it, any less fun, just a different beast. If you happen to love Bioware RPGs I apologise if any of this seems confrontational or, more likely, patronising.  The point is there was once something called “Role-Playing” in RPGs and that it was lost somewhere along the way. I personally think this is a shame, others may not.

Computer RPGs have had a bit of a bad rap. The embarrassing gap between their real world ancestors, most notably their closet relative the pen-on-paper RPG, is well documented. If such documents have yet to pass under your nose, here is the basic gist of the problem:

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I have a blog.

It would appear I am now in possession of a blog. What does this mean? It is hard to say. That philosophy I’ll have to sort out soon.

First things first, games!

In this blog I hope to express the philosophical conundrums and peculiarities my frequent meditations on the subject of computer games leave me with. At times these make take on the form of a games review, at other times somewhat of a games design manifesto.  Like most gamers I have my fair share of opinions regarding the fledgling art-form, I only presuppose to publish them online now I have come to a point where I actually have some coherent, interesting and (hopefully) original things to say. Whenever I stray from this be sure to be horrible to me in the comments section, I would have earnt it.

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